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Cliffe Village Historic Fair. Excavation of the ARP Shelter, Displays and Presentation

Interested in archeology or the history of our beautiful village? Always wanted to see how it's done and what's involved or what we do? Cliffe at Hoo Historic Society will be conducting a small excavation on the ARP shelter located on the Buttway next to St Helen's Church. This is a community project arranged, funded and undertaken by local people. The dig presents a perfect opportunity for experience and training for people of all ages and walks of life. It will also be a great chance to become part of a worthwhile long term community project. The dig itself will take place from Thur 16th July to Sunday the 19th (see attached poster). The excavation has been timed to tie in with the Cliffe village summer historic fete on Saturday the 18th July. Activities will be available on the day of the fete so why not join us in unearthing our history.