Buttway Field, St Helen's Church Dig, Cliffe, Kent. Day 3.

Day 3 and we are making good progress after drawing and recording the metalled surface layer and confirming its depth in a 3mx3m section.  Work has begun to remove and record this layer from across the trench, previous work on the site tells us the going will be much easier and all the finds will be a sealed context until we hit the archaeology (hopefully).

I know tomorrow once the metalled surface is all lifted,sieved and sorted from a 40 square meter area we will have lots of finds. The trench continues not to disappoint with some nice finds coming up today.  

Again its great to see so many people coming up and asking questions. Remember this is a dig anyone can join, all we require is a very small fee to cover the insurance. Feel free to contact us via the website also we are on site 9.30am/5pm everyday until the 8th August.