Buttway Field, St Helen's Church Dig, Cliffe, Kent. Day 4.

4 days into the dig and things are really starting to take shape on site. Today we had the mini digger on site to remove the metalled floor layer, unfortunately we still haven't sifted through the spoil but the trench is still producing lots of finds and surprises. With that layer removed and recorded we are really starting to make headway into the deeper deposits (really interesting stuff).

In the south end of the trench just before close of play the building demolition/building raft feature so apparent on the resistivity survey and in the test pits is beginning to appear. I am seeing chalk/lime mortar and large lumps of faced flint in a few spots, so I know we are close in this part of the trench.

Throughout the week I cant help thinking to myself what sort of a building this was because it certainly was very very big.. I am certain having done the research for many years that the Buttway field is a very special and strange area revered through hundreds of years of local history, the maps and archive work show this clearly. That's why the society and myself have spent 6 years preparing for this dig we believe its that important.. Here is a good example of what I mean, do you know how this relatively tiny village green was gifted to us the locals. I quote "In the early part of the present century, Lord Darnley and the Rector, who were jointly, “Lords of the Buttway” voluntarily and surrendered their rights to the Parish Council, in order that it should serve a ‘public good.’ ". Now that is crazy, why are two high ranking titled men called Lords of the Buttway it only a field isn't it? We really cant wait to get a date and maybe some idea on this building after waiting this long, from all the evidence I have seen so far my moneys going on Roman or Medieval (famous last words lol) I hope we get it.. 

Its been a good day and again a special thanks to the kids (Daisy, Charley, Harry, Daniel) who are doing some sterling work on finds processing.  Really pleased with how th dig is progressing and the atmosphere has been great onsite today everyone's working really hard and having fun (the six bells pub is next door after all).

We are onsite tomorrow from 9am/5pm why not come alone and have a look? Even better bring a trowel!