Buttway Field, St Helen's Church Dig, Cliffe, Kent. Day 5

Really productive day 5 on the Buttway field today. We are still working through the spoil from the metalled surface. The more I see from this layer the more convinced I am the hard standing was in place to stop horses churning up the mud on the field, E.G when parking for church or other events like a fete or market. There are lots of horseshoe nails and the actual metalled layer in some place is 10/15cm in depth so the quite a significant surface for E.G a playground for the old school. Of course at this stage it is subject to interpretation so this may change once all the data is processed after the dig. Speaking of data there is so much pot and different finds coming out unfortunately I can only show a very small selection but today the trench is coming up predominantly Medieval.

High status fineware seems to be the main types with some flat rimmed shellyware and other types making an appearance, even at a brief glance I can see we have some really great pieces. The tile again seems to be predominantly medieval in date. So far I guesstimate about 10 kilo of pottery and finds have been removed from the trench and we still have a long way to go....

At this stage of the dig we are now well into the sealed context layers above the archaeology and honestly so far it has exceeded our expectations in terms of information. After all the spoil is cleared and processed we can start digging again. We took time today to clean down the trench and check the paper work is in order and take stock always good practice. The current state of play is we have several different context now withing the trench and moving forward its time for some serious archaeologying (not even sure thats a word). You can see from the pictures that the trench slopes up to the south representing the demolition layer of the building underneath. We are close to the deeper really interesting stuff we know we are, but its like opening a good bottle of wine why rush it? 

There is a great feeling on site at the moment and the game of who gets the best finds has started and so far Chris our secretary is winning and is star finder of the day lol. There is no doubt everyone is working really hard and we make a great team. So why not become part of it? New member's are signing up daily at the moment, its a great project to become part of especially if your local to the Hoo peninsular.