Buttway Field, St Helen's Church Dig, Cliffe, Kent. Day 7

Interesting day 7 on the village green we are now beginning to see a picture build for the finds from the top layers. The earliest date so far is 12th century leading through to 13th/14th century with some 15th century included (hardly any of the finds have been clean so its just a guide). Interesting pieces include Dartford rilled ware, Scarborough ware and some imported pottery yet to be identified. Below is a picture of a sieve see if you can spot the find. 

Work today has started at the top end (south) of the trench to clear the demolition raft that should be present, across half the trench if we have do our homework correctly. This weekend we should start to retrieve (hopefully) earlier stuff that may indicate the date of the building itself. So today's blog will be shorter than usual due to the fact that we have started stage 2 of the dig and its beers o'clock.

A very big thank you to Gerald and Jill from Kent archaeological society for coming to the dig, to see how we are progressing and giving us support and a few helpful pointers. I just want to thank all the members for working so hard on the dig itself this week, I know its been tough going but we are all very excited about the next stage of the project.

On a personal note its interesting we have such early dates in the top layers, I wonder if what the resistivity survey has show up is earlier in date. In a week or so time we should know. Really impressed with the dig itself and the site and I think you will agree the trench looks good.