Buttway Field, St Helen's Church Dig, Cliffe, Kent. Day 8

Day 8 on the village green and the dig is really starting to take shape and honestly its really tough going. The main reason being we are actually starting to excavate the high resistivity area in the trench (south end). We are beginning to see what the materials were used, in the construction of what ever lays beneath the Buttway. You can see from the picture below we have just begun to clear the demolition layer and although its to early to interpret the feature, you can clearly see the faced flint and chalk/lime mortar. Hints of Ragstone has been found in other areas of the trench but it early to say whether this was involved with the building itself.

In the North end of the trench that showed the deeper features on the resistivity survey we have excavated context 4, the feature highlighted in the picture below. You can clearly see a cut in the section containing gravel that after hours of debate and careful excavation we found..... A sewer pipe that doesn't not appear on any service plans and did not show on the survey. The depth of the pipe was found at 75cm and has carefully been recorded and back filled fortunately its just in the very corner of the trench. 

Although the trench is not producing as many finds,it does bode well that what ever is recovered in this trench next week, will help securely date this site (fingers crossed). The award today goes not to the best finder but to all our junior members who have worked really hard on the dig and finds station. Its going to be an interesting week ahead I am sure.... Here are some finds made and cleaned our local children.