Buttway Field, St Helen's Church Dig, Cliffe, Kent, Day 12

Twelve days of archaeological excavation on the village green, with a trench that measures 13mx3m. The logic being, the more of the features apparent on the resisivity survey we uncover in a larger area, technically should answer many questions we had about the site. Archaeological law 101 on the other hand dictates the the larger the area equals more questions.... Today has been really, really productive is terms of excavation and how we are are working together as a group. On day 12, I am truly scratching my head and thinking this trench is crazy with all the complex archaeology we are now seeing...

For example you see below a picture of the north end of the trench (nearest the church wall), overlaying with our resistivity survey. There should be really nice straight easy to deal with wall lines or at least that is how it appears....

Instead we are now looking at this today in the north section.... You have to love archaeology!! 

I can honestly say today I would give my right arm for a clearer edge/feature, all I can really say is all the flint features across the trench are faced and set into lime/chalk mortar although in the deeper section, we still have a lot of trowel work remaining and the archaeology appears to be more insitu. The North of the trench does look promising in terms of edges though,  when compared to the Demolition layer (so far) in the south end. Finds wise the trench continues not to disappoint, most notable today from the deeper context (above), we had a nice fragment of Samian ware (Bill wins prize find today) but then a few buckets later from the same context Medieval Green ware arrrrrrgggggg!!    

Chris and Brian have again been working the south end of the trench, with Bill, Corri and Andy working the North.  The older Kids Reece, Charlie and Daisy are doing really well on the middle section. Tula, lucy and Maisy along with everyone else helping with the sifting the spoil and sweeping the trench. The finds cleaning station has been extra busy to it all hands on deck... With just 4 days left, I guess its time to thinking about section or two.  Although its clearly a very complex site to deal with, we are having fun, the children especially and things are starting to take shape overall. Everyone has done a great job!!!

We are on site tomorrow from 10am/5pm if your in the area why not come and have a look at what we are doing?