Buttway Field, St Helen's Church Dig, Cliffe, Kent, Day 15

It's been a really relaxed day onsite today, on the village green. Its been all about excavating the final sections with lots of  "interpretation" and recording. I apologize at the start for the shortness/late time of the blog. With the dig drawing to a close, its time to reflect on some of the finds and today in review I realized, there quite a lot of other finds we haven't reported, like for example the amount of domestic evidence we have found in abundance. The finds include Oyster shell with various other shell fish, various animal bone and teeth, Roman and Medieval tile, bone buttons and beads, a whole array of building materials. Especially noteable are different types of faced and worked flint with a large amounts of fire crack flint/pot boilers, indicating a heavy amount of flint working and use around the site.

Below are some pictures of the trench as it was today. The plan tomorrow is to continue excavations in the lower end, due to the fact its is still producing finds in some areas and there are a few questions remaining in this section.  

Its been another great day onsite with the whole group really putting in a big shift. Phil, Sam and Bill are pictured above taking a well deserve rest. Again Charley one of our young archaeologist was on site before me kit in hand who along with Tom put us adults to shame today.... I just want to say thank you to the whole team for everything they have done in the past 2 weeks, we have a great looking trench and we have gained lots of info about the past and above all lots of experience for the future..  

Although the dig officially finishes tomorrow, we will be keeping the trench open for 1 more week, before back filling to continue the lower sections when time allows around work commitments.   

We are on site tomorrow 10am/5pm, your welcome to come and have a chat and see how things are progressing!!