We are tomorrow's history

As with most historical societies, everything is geared towards locating, exploring, studying and understanding those events that have past.

But we are also aware that we and all those that live, work and play on the Peninsula are part of tomorrow's history, someone hundreds of years from now may dig up fishing hooks in Buckland Lake and wonder about those that once fished there, or maybe someone finds horseshoes on Oakley farm land, old aircraft parts on the site of Stoke micro-lite airfield or perhaps old boat parts at Hoo Marina, we are tomorrow's history.

To better reflect that, and maybe with a view to creating a time capsule for inhabitants many years from now to find, we are looking to talk to, learn from, photograph and document for posterity our future via those that are working, living or taking part in activities on the Peninsula over the coming months and years, if you feel you would like to leave your mark on the Peninsulas history, please do get in touch.

We will be approaching groups in the meantime to progress this and will keep you all posted on how we get on here within these pages in this section of the site.

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